Dried Fruits have always been considered as a royal food for mind and body. Dried Fruit dates back to ancient times as far back as 1490 B.C.E when the Pyramids were being built and the Roman Empire was flourishing. These anciently wise civilizations knew very well the benefits of dried fruits and used them for energy, mental alertness and sharpness and because they considered them as the food of their Gods.
In today’s modern times AFG brings the same authentic rich in nutritious energy, hygienically produced delicious dried fruit which the gods of the ancient civilizations were supposed to feast on.
Decades of experience and a strict commitment to quality has enabled RFPC to emerge and sustain itself as a leader in the dry fruit farming business.

With a wealth of accumulated experience in understanding this business, a staunch commitment towards quality and employing the latest technology we can supply bulk and packaged dried fruits, Raisins and nuts to virtually any part of the globe. We are continuously on the lookout to develop new ways to provide our customers with high quality products when they need them.